Our Murder Mystery events urge you to move beyond your role as spectator and become part of the experience! Using a range of tricks, multi-Media, music, singing and special effects, you and your host will be immersed into the story, brought to life by a team of crafted, professional actors who will embody fantastical characters – the fate of whom belongs to YOU!

Immersive. Exciting. Experiential…

We aim to deliver murder mystery evenings and events like never before. With unparalleled levels of audience participation and interactivity coupled with high quality scripts and performances, we will bring true intrigue, excitement and theatricality to your venue. We will endeavour to tailor each event to you and your venue, maximising the potential for true murder mayhem!

Why not speak to us about having one of our Murder Mysteries or Theme experiences for your next Corporate Event?

We believe it is important to work with companies and organisation’s to create unique events that will have your guests talking about it for a long time after, making you stand out from the crowd.  We can meet with you and discuss the options of a theme or experiences for your unique corporate event.

Why not make your next team building or networking event a DBY Murder Mystery?

Murder Mysteries don’t just have to be fun, they are a great way to bond your team together, or find out who the natural leaders, problem solvers and team players are in the group. We work with you to help make the event as beneficial as possible, even down to the table plan, DBY Murder Mysteries are a great ice breaker between departments, or new colleagues and is guaranteed to get your staff thinking outside the box.

Key positives a DBY Team Building Event can offer

Team work development

Leadership skills development

Problem solving skill development

Positive atmosphere within the work place development

A healthy activity within colleagues or departments

Great for wellbeing and positivity

Great fun

“Death Becomes You Theatre and Events wowed our guests with their fantastic murder mystery and their professionalism. Not only did it help to make networking more fun and effective on the night, we were getting amazing feedback in the days after the event, that also reflected well on our business.”

Paul Sanderson – Hanicke Robins Sanderson

Our Unique Murder Mystery Themes…


James bond theme (highly recommended for Networking Events)

Secret agent Lance Riptone has returned has returned to headquarters after 18months in deep cover, and you, as fellow agents of S.I.D.A (Secret Infiltration Defense Agent) have been invited to celebrate. His mission: eliminate ‘The Phantom’ and everything went completely according to plan…Didn’t It?

Join us to infiltrate, investigate and discover the TRUTH! Good luck out there agents!


Jack the Ripper themed – It’s 13th February, 1891, more than two years after the final ‘Ripper’ victim, and the body of Frances Cole has been discovered beneath a railway arch in Swallow Gardens.

Members of the public believe that this latest murder spells the return of London’s most feared predator, a rumour that Scotland Yard are eager to squash.  With a suspect already in custody, the police force have convinced themselves that this the work of a mere copycat, that they have their man and that order has been restored.

That is until ANOTHER body shows up, drenched in blood and baring the markings of the Ripper…

Jack.  Is.  Back. Or is he…?


(highly recommended for Networking Events) you are invited to a night of networking, but not everyone is as they seem. You will be joined not only by some notoriously dodgy business people but also Mr Sphinx.

What they didn’t tell you is that a reporter investigating a secret underground brotherhood has gone missing and her colleague is here to uncover the truth, but will she uncover more then she bargained for. Is there a secret brotherhood or just rumours?

Join the detective in helping him solve this case.  You will be encouraged to work as a team, you will visit a crime scene and have to interrogate the suspects to solve the mystery of the Castle Of The Sphinx.


(multi media effects).

He was the world’s most famous magician, watched by the world, his illusions were legend, his days of glory are long gone, but he still has one trick up his sleeve…. Look closely though….

You are cordially invited to witness the world’s greatest trick but not all is as it seems.


Motown songs to be sung

Ruby is set for stardom, but it looks like someone is not so keen for this singing sensation to take to the stage! With fame comes danger, rivals and jealousy.

Join Ruby on her release of her first solo song, and enjoy the all singing cast of cunning characters.

(This is a murder mystery with a twist, you will join the cast as they tell the story and perform your all time favourite Motown tunes)


80s theme

The summer of 1977 should have been like any other for the seniors of The Arnold Rimmer School of Higher Education… but what befell those poor kids during those sunny months would never be forgotten…  Not to mention terrible grades and a lousy attendance record!

You are invited to an 80s school reunion, meet the larger then life ex students and teachers and see if you can solve the serial killer case!


welcome to Ghostly Goings ON

The failing Internet program that visits Britain’s most notorious paranormal spots, hoping to capture some Apparition sightings, unfortunately they have not been successful yet….until tonight!

Meet the one and only Darren Fortune and his famous G.U.F team on their search for real life ghosts.


it’s finally here! The night where you find out who the top talent scouts in the country have chosen to transform into the next big thing!

After months of auditions and whittling through thousands of talent and talentless acts, the three judges have their final three acts, who will be crowned king or queen of showbiz! ……..But someone will do anything to win…..

(This murder mystery will have all your favourite elements of the TV talent competitions including some singing)


What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – witnessing the Union of loves young dream!

You are invited to the wedding of Andrew Sassin and Maria Fox, swearing their true love for each other, to live in sickness and in health, and forgetting the past… but sometimes it is the past that cannot forget you. It’s time for the most explosive wedding reception of your life.

Theme – James Bond/ Spy theme


Rat Pack Theme

It’s Christmas, 1958, Hollywood California and the stars are out in force – putting on a musical extravaganza to raise money for the homeless who will be spending the cold nights with nothing but the sidewalk for company.

The biggest draw is Antonio Santoro – fresh from a sell out tour and box-office busting movie run – he has Hollywood – heck, the WORLD – in the palm of his hand.  His charm and good grace is legendary, but it seems that there’s more to the Italian born rat-packer than meets the eye.  The evening may be about charity and good will to all men, but there’s a stink about the place that smells like… MURDER!

An evening of intrigue, live music and murder – grab onto your hats boys and gals – it’s gonna be Murder under the Mistletoe.

Have A Theme or an Idea?

For bespoke Murder Mysteries around your theme or event we can create a show tailored to your needs, please enquire about the extra development costs.